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Something new? Maybe?

Good morning everyone,

hoardism, coincake and sofa budget are hackneyed. That’s not to say there’s nothing left to improve. No, on the contrary, I have ideas for these first children. But I don’t have the muse to tinker with the same app every day.

That’s why I’m currently fiddling around with a new app, the name hasn’t been decided yet. But what should it be able to do, you might ask! You are asking yourselves exactly the right questions!

It’s going to be a simple diary app, so now it’s out.

You should be able to create daily entries in it, with pictures, videos or just text. You can browse through it, invite friends to write an entry together or fill it with pictures.

The days go by so fast, you experience so many things that are too quickly forgotten. Like my other apps, this app is born out of my own needs. There is a lot going on in my life at the moment, and I would like to keep a record of it.

But why not use another app or write a note? Well, I like programming and I’m looking for a new idea. So plain and simple that’s why 🙂

More info to follow, stay tuned…

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