coincake – simply budget

coincake is here!

My goal is to provide you with an app that is easy and quick to use. 

The app is designed to help you keep track of your expenses and income. 

Just add your income and expenses to the app. You can easily mark monthly payments like rent, electricity, smartphone as well as monthly income. 

Simply add your income to the app.

Thereby you can see how much money you have left after all obligations. 

If you now enter all your expenses into the app, there is nothing to stop you from planning your budget in a relaxed way. 

You decide when your month starts over. Just delete all entries, except your marked posts, from the overview. 

And a new month can start. 

coincake also offers you piggy banks (“Piggy’s” ).

Just create a new piggy bank and set the starting amount, target amount and monthly savings amount. The app will automatically calculate a date on which you will reach your goal.

And so it all comes together. If you have created one, two or 1435 piggy banks and also manage your expenses and income in the app, you will always be shown the amount you can still spend freely. 


And so it all adds up.

The “Piggy’s” are of course included in every monthly restart. 

I hope my idea of this app can help you to keep track of your money, your piggy banks and one or two other things. 

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