Hoardism, eine App für Sammlungen jetzt im Appstore

Hello all,

I had to endure a failure and a programmed robbery. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine, hopefully.

During this fever dream, I thought to myself, I want to develop an app in which you can maintain your collections of any kind. Feverish, done…

There are not many words to say about this app, the idea is to divide your treasures into categories and collections. You create a category, e.g. books, and add collections such as fantasy, crime, novel or similar to this category.

Now just create the entries including pictures and find and manage everything on iPad and iPhone synchronously.

Certainly, the app is very simply designed and does not offer too many hints or help or templates.
However, this is also intentional. Collections can consist of the most diverse entries and I wanted to give you the opportunity to enter everything from toasters to stamps.

The app offers you, among other things:

Backup to your iCloud

Synced on your iPhone and iPad

Save images for each entry

Export your pictures

Export your entries as PDF

Mark your entries with icons to give you more overview

Sort your entries, collections and categories by colour

Decide on the image size of your recordings

Store as much information as you want

Simply share pictures of your entries with others